How to Recharge your Sewing Mojo

We all get into slumps where no matter how many adorable patterns we’ve seen or how full our Pinterest boards get with inspiration, we just can’t get motivated to start, continue, or finish a project. Summer can be exceptionally difficult when you’re trying to balance all the family time and kids being home with your sewing. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help you find your motivation so you can focus and Just Sew (pun intended!)


Take a Breather

Maybe you’re not going to be able to finish that one project before the end of the summer, and you know what? That’s ok! Sometimes you just can get around whatever is holding you back from really getting into your project so take a little break and enjoy the summer!


Start a New Project

Set aside whatever it is you’re working on and start something new. Sometimes, no matter how great our intentions, it’s just not working. You can always go back later and try the original project again—or not! It’s totally up to you!


Reorganize and PURGE

Sometimes when our physical space gets cluttered and chaotic it’s impossible to be creative. When you reorganize your space you can calm your mind a bit. Consider how much a change of scenery can help recharge your batteries, now do that to the space you’re in! Plus, think of all the things you’ll find that you forgot about!? It’s an added bonus!