How to Upcycle Fabric Scraps

With any sewing project comes fabric scraps. They are unavoidable and can get out of control. It can be hard to throw them away for a number of different reasons—whether you just don’t like to waste or you just really love the fabric, you don’t always have to throw them away! You might have baskets, drawers, or closets full of scrap but if we’ve learned anything from the current zero waste trend, it’s that you can create some really great things with a little scrap.


Use the scraps to decorate a beach bag or wallet you’ve made. You can cut the scraps into different shapes to add a little texture and dimension to other projects! The fact that you have a bunch of little pieces of different fabric will only add to the appeal!


You can use larger scraps for book covers if you have school age kids! This will protect the textbooks and prevent you from having to pay for a damaged book at the end of the year! You can use the same idea to cover boxes for decoration and storage. We’ve all seen those Pinterest worthy bookshelves with books, boxes, and picture frames on them. Well, take those fabric scraps and make a cute yet functional storage container!


Smaller pieces of fabric are great for a bunch of various DIY projects. You can make hair pins, book marks, keychains, card holders, hair ties, and even phone cases. Don’t forget the always helpful pot holder and dish rag! The possibilities are practically endless.